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Web Proxy’s

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While web proxy’s are far less powerful then normal proxy’s, they are really easy to use. Web proxy’s are very useful on a school, a library or any other public place where internet traffic is controlled and some pages are blocked. Web proxy’s are easily accessible whenever you are able to access a web browser. Like all software newer versions of web proxy’s support newer techniques. You can also use a web proxy to ensure your privacy to the other end or increase page load times on low bandwidth internet connections by using the web proxy’s available options.

Type of web proxy’s

There are a lot of web proxy’s available on the internet, but we only focus on Glype Proxy and PHProxy because these are highly available all around.

Glype proxy options and settings:

Encrypt URL

Encrypts the URL of the page you are viewing for increased privacy. Note: this option is intended to obscure URLs and does not provide security. Use SSL for actual security.

Show Form

This provides a mini-form at the top of each page that allows you to quickly jump to another site without returning to our homepage

Force Temporary Cookies

This option overrides the expiry date for all cookies and sets it to at the end of the session only – all cookies will be deleted when you shut your browser.

Remove Scripts

Remove scripts to protect your anonymity and speed up page loads. However, not all sites will provide an HTML-only alternative.

Encrypt page

Helps avoid filters by encrypting the page before sending it and decrypting it with javascript once received. Note: this option is intended to obscure HTML source code and does not provide security. Use SSL for actual security.

Allow Cookies

Cookies may be required on interactive websites (especially where you need to log in) but advertisers also use cookies to track your browsing habits.

Remove Page Titles

Removes titles from proxied pages

Remove Objects

You can increase page load times by removing unnecessary Flash, Java and other objects. If not removed, these may also compromise your anonymity

Have a look at our Glype Proxy and our PHProxy list with daily new Glype and PHProxy Proxy’s

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